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Last updated Mar 30, 2018

WLR Annual Meeting of Homeowners set for April 23

Mar 30, 2018

Two Board of Directors positions up for election at Annual Meeting of Homeowners on Monday, Apr 22, 2018 at HCMS. If you are a WLR homeowner who would like to run for one of these positions, please contact Sue Edmonds by email or phone at HCMS.

The meeting will be held in the HCMS main conference room, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

Annual Spring Fling at 10AM, March 31st!

Mar 30, 2018

The annual WLR Spring Fling is this Saturday, March 31 starting at 10AM. We have bunny, face painters, and egg hunt. Bucket is at pool to collect easter eggs for the hunt and feel free to bring goodies to share. Jessica Cejka from the Social Committee will be out there at 9:30am to set up so anyone who would like to help, come on out. See everyone Saturday!.

WLR January Quarterly Board Meeting set for 22nd

Jan 18, 2018

The WLR HOA Board of Directors will hold their first quarterly meeting of 2018 on Monday evening, Jan 22, 2018 at the HCMS main conference room, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

WLR October Quarterly Board Meeting set for 23rd

Oct 5, 2017

The WLR HOA Board of Directors will hold their autumn quarterly meeting on Monday evening, July 24, 2017 at the HCMS main conference room, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX. On the agenda will be the 2018 budget and dues.

WLR Summer Social on Sat, Aug 12

Aug 4, 2017

Mark your calendars now! Saturday, August 12th 2pm will be the Whispering Lakes Ranch End of Summer Bash! Kona Ice will be out with their amazing snow cones for all residents (sponsored by HOA) from 4:00-6:00pm then hang out at the pool afterwards. Hope to see you there!

L.C. Mayor to speak at WLR Quarterly Board Meeting

Jul 17, 2017

The WLR HOA Board of Directors will hold their summer quarterly meeting on Monday evening, July 24, 2017 at the HCMS main conference room, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

The open session will begin at 7:00pm with League City mayor Pat Hallisey, who graciously accepted an invitation to talk with us on a range of topics.  We invite all WLR homeowners to join us for what will certainly be a pleasant and informative event.

As always, a final agenda will be posted to the documents page of this web site at least 72 hours prior.

WLR Meeting of Homeowners for Board Member vote

May 19, 2017

It was called to our attention that the April meeting didn't have proper notice for the election of one board member, so a brief meeting of the homeowners will be held next Monday, May 22nd at 7:00pm to conduct that vote.

As of this writing, incumbent Roy Hunter is the only candidate for the position. Any WLR homeowner wishing to run for that position may still be nominated from the floor at the meeting.

Location will be as usual, in the main conference room at Houston Community Management Services, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX. The agenda is posted on the documents page.

Any homeowners who will not make it to the meeting are encouraged to provide a proxy vote to help ensure we have a quorum of homeowners to conduct the vote.

WLR Annual Meeting of Homeowners on Apr 24

Apr 13, 2017

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners for Whispering Lakes Ranch will be held on Monday, April 24th at 7:00pm in the main conference room at Houston Community Management Services, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX. A major agenda item is the election of one officer for the position held by Roy Hunter, whose current term is expiring. If you are a WLR homeowner interested in running for that position, please contact our new HCMS property manager, Sue Edmonds.

Here are downloadable copies of the Meeting Notice and Proxy Form.

If you did not get an email notice of the meeting, please contact HCMS to have your information updated.

A draft agenda is posted on the documents page of this web site in the couple of days, and will be replaced by a final version at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

As normal, a closed executive session of the Board of Directors will preceed the homeowner meeting to address legal and financial matters of a confidential nature, such as delinquency reports and individual homeowner hearings.

Spring Fling Set for Saturday, Apr 15

Apr 13, 2017

Spring Fling is this Saturday at 10:00am! We have bunny, face painters, and photographer.

There is a bucket at the community pool to collect Easter eggs for the hunt and feel free to bring goodies to share.

Social Committee chair Jessica Cejka will be at the pool at 9:30am to set up so anyone who would like to help, come on out. See everyone Saturday!

WLR Board Meeting on Mon, Jan 23

Jan 16, 2017

The next quarterly meeting of the Whispering Lakes Ranch Board of Directors will be held on Monday, January 23rd in the main conference room at Houston Community Management Services, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX. The Board will meet in closed executive session at 6:00pm and the open session will begin at 7:00pm. All WLR homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend the open session.

A draft agenda is posted on the documents page of this web site and will be replaced by a final version at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Santa here on Sunday, Dec 11th!

Dec 8, 2016

Santa is coming to WLR Sunday, December 11th at 2pm!

He will be cruising through the neighborhood on his big red shiny firetruck thanks to LCVFD! If you would like to decorate your golf cart or bike and follow Santa, please come to the WLR pool at 1:45pm. The parade route will be posted at the front of the neighborhood the week before the event. After the parade, please join us for hot chocolate and cookies at the pool.

2017 HOA Dues

Dec 8, 2016

2017 WLR HOA dues were set at $1747 during the October quarterly meeting of the board of directors. The due date is Jan 1, 2017. You should have received your bill in the mail; if you haven't, please contact HCMS.

You may pay at Associa's web site but be aware that doing so by credit card incurs a $64.10 service fee and paying by providing your bank account information costs $2.95. These fees are charged by Associa, the parent our property management company, HCMS, and its third party payment services and NOT by the Homeowner's Association itself. You may avoid these additional charges by mailing a check or stopping by HCMS to drop it off.

Quarterly Board Meeting

Oct 13, 2016

The next meeting of the WLR Board of Directors will be Monday evening, October 24th. See the documents page for the draft agenda (the agenda will be finalized and posted, with any changes, if any, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

This will be an eventful meeting in which the Board establishes 2017 budget and dues. Posted on the documents page are drafts if the 2017 budget, the board's analysis of the previous reserve studies, the previous meeting's minutes, and this meeting's agenda.

All homeowners, please give all the documents a good read. As always, any constructive comments or questions for the board of directors are best directed via email: contact@wlrhome.com.

WLR End of Summer party on Aug 14

Aug 9, 2016

Our End of Summer Party is right around the corner! It'll be on Sunday, Aug 14 from 3-5pm at the WLR community pool. The Shiver Shack will be out with to hand out free small shaved ice treats residents (sponsored by HOA). We will also have a Family Kickball Game so bring your game face!

Delay in 24/7 Gate Closure

Aug 9, 2016

Due to software issues we will not be able to close the gates as planned. An updated date will be provided after the issues are resolved and access codes have been distributed.

Update on Board Meeting, Gates, and more

Jul 15, 2016

Board Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the WLR Board of Directors is scheduled for Mon, July 25. As usual, the Board will meet in closed session at 6:00pm to review deed restrictions and appeals, attorney reports and similar sensitive matters. The general session will begin at 7:00pm and all homeowners are encouraged to attend. A meeting notice with draft agenda should be mailed today, and is also on the documents page.


The gate committee did not have all available community input collated into a final protocol for operating the WLR gates to begin 24 / 7 operation this week as planned.

The protocol is now finalized and set to go into effect on Wed, Aug 10, 2016. The protocol contains much more detail, but here are the basics:

  • No change: Homeowners will continue to use their gate remote controls ("clickers") as always.
  • No change: The entrance keypad directory will have a 3-digit code that will call the phone number of your choice and allow you to open the gate for guests.
  • NEW: Each address will be assigned a 4-digit code for the keypad. That code will open the gate. Codes will be distributed well prior to the Aug 10 starting date.

As you might expect, it is the responsibility of each homeowner to maintain the safety and security of clickers and 4-digit codes. The gate control system does record the date, time, and clicker or code that opens the gate; both entrance and exit HD video streams are recorded with accurate timestamps. If your clicker or code are lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise compromised, please contact the management company right away for replacements.

Entrance Video Display

Warranty work is pending; we expect that it will be days to a couple of weeks until parts are replaced. in addition to displaying messages, this system accepts video feeds from surveillence cameras, but is separate from the surveillence system. We do have multipole cameras operating so be assured that both the entrance and exit gate video is being recorded.

Change in Projected 24/7 Gate Closure

May 13, 2016

The WLR Gate Committee appreciates the feedback from residents during the community meetings and via email to us at wlrgates@gmail.com. We are modifying the gate protocol based on your input.

The Committee must then review the protocol with the WLR Board. Predicated on their final approval, we would mail (US Post) and email (if we have you email address) the protocol to you, as well as have it put on the WLR web site and highlight it in Facebook, providing links to the WLR web site "Dial-up" codes and phone numbers and recommended "Access Codes" need to be properly and securely disseminated.

In addition, the Committee is testing the gate access system and various means of entry to ensure they work properly and consistently.

In light of these activities the Gate Committee has recommended changing the targeted 24/7 WLR gate closure date from June 1, 2016 to July 13, 2016.

The Committee thanks you for your patience and understanding as we strive to do it right the first time.

WLR Gate Committee

Gate Meetings

Apr 26, 2016

Just a reminder to all WLR homeowners that in addition to the Annual Meeting of the Homeowners next Monday, May 2nd, the Gate Committee will be available on five separate evenings at the community pool to discuss 24/7 operation of the gates.

Meeting Notice and Draft Gate Plan in the mail

Apr 16, 2016

You should receive a mailing in your post office box in the next business day or two that will contain a notice of the Annual Meeting of the Homeowners, scheduled for May 2nd, a proxy form for the election of two board positions at that meeting, and extensive information on the draft plan to operate our community gates on a 24/7 basis.

The gate committee has worked hard over many months to understand and resolve most of the bigger issues, but looks forward to meeting with homeowners during a series of meetings in late April and early May to discuss and further improve the draft plan.

The Committee will host five (5) community meetings at the WLR pool area starting at 7 PM on:

Thursday, April 28th

Friday, April 29th

Saturday, April 30th

Tuesday, May 3rd

Wednesday, May 4th

The draft plan as mailed can be viewed or downloaded here.

If you are interested in running for one of the two board positions up for election, please either email or call our HCMS property manager, Monica Stewart, at 832-864-1200. Her email is on the printed notice.

If the HOA has your current email address, you should also be receiving a brief email notice with this information in the next day or two. If you haven't received an email via wlrhome.com by April 20th (please check your trash folder first), we encourage you to provide an email address to HCMS. That will help us to make the transition to online services in place of fairly expensive printing and mailing services.

WLR Spring Fling on Mar 26th

Mar 20, 2016

The WLR Spring Fling will be Saturday, March 26 at 10 am at the community pool. We will have an egg hunt starting at 10am, face painters, pictures with the Easter Bunny and side-walk chalk.

There is a collection bin at the pool and we are asking for everyone to drop off at least one dozen filled Easter eggs for each kid that will be in the Easter egg hunt. We are also looking for volunteers to bring snacks and help set up and “hide” eggs that morning. Hope to see everyone there! If you can help, please contact jessica.cejka@garygreene.com.

Annual Meeting of the Homeowners on Mon, May 2nd

Mar 20, 2016

The WLR Annual Meeting of the Homeowners is scheduled for Monday, May 2, 2016 at 7:00pm CDT at the main conference room of Houston Community Management Services (17049 El Camino Real, Houston, TX).

Two of the board positions are up for election. If you are interested in running for one of these three-year positions, please email contact@wlrhome.com to have your name included on the ballot. We encourage you to send a short statement about yourself and what you'd like to accomplish as a board member. Board member work load is variable, but typically averages around 20-40 hours monthly.

Gate Replacement to Begin

Feb 7, 2016

As discussed last year, the front gates have gotten to the point that they need to be replaced. You have probably seen some of the activity out front and we are now at the point that we can change the actual gates and operators.

Starting Monday, February 8th, the old gates will be taken down and construction around the gates will begin. This construction will last the entire week and we are expecting the new gates to be operating by Friday, February 12th.

During this process, we will have people out front and will have to redirect traffic. Please use caution and watch out for the people that will be helping us get through this process as quickly as possible.

LCPD Officer Advice Regarding Solicitor Complaints

Posted Jan 29, 2016 (Edited to include quote)

There have been quite a few complaints about door-to-door solicitors in WLR in the past few days.  After LCPD Officer E. Turcios escorted a pair of out-of-staters from the neighborhood a short time ago, he confirmed with a board member that WLR homeowners should not hesitate to call LCPD if there are solicitors or other trespassers.

Officer Turcios went on to say, "LCPD officers have multiple options when dealing with solicitors, they can issue warnings or citations and even arrest depending on the particular circumstances.”

The non-emergency number for LCPD is 281-332-2566.

Gate Replacement Planned

Posted Jan 14, 2016

You have probably noticed conduit being laid near our neighborhood entrance over the past week.  As our gates continue to age and require more frequent repairs, the WLR Board has decided by “electronic meeting” (email) to move forward with the option voted in on the Ballot a few months ago to replace the gates and the mechanism.

Building on the extensive work of the 2015 Gate Committee, we chose BP Equipment from among four bidders to provide new steel gates with hydraulic actuators.  Installation is anticipated to occur around the second week in February.

The total cost, including a contingency margin, is $89,000, funded primarily from reserves.  This marks the first time we will tap WLR reserves.

The current project’s objective is simply to replace aged, failing gate hardware in a way that will be compatible with any of the options presented in the “gates and guards” vote a few months ago.  At least in the near term, we will continue to use the same remote controls (“clickers”) and keypad system, and there will not be curb cuts to create separate lanes.

The new gate hardware will be capable of 24/7 operation, but how it will be operated is an open question for the community.  All of this will be discussed at our Jan 25th quarterly board meeting.  We encourage WLR homeowners to attend!

Quarterly Board meeting Monday, Jan 25, 2016

Posted Jan 12, 2016

The next meeting of the WLR Board will be held at HCMS on Monday, Jan 25. The executive session for Board Member only will be at 6:00pm, with the open session that homeowners may attend starting at 7:00pm CST. A draft agenda will be posted to the documents page when available and will be finalized no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting.

New Property Manager

Posted Jan 11, 2016

Our previous property manager recently left for a new opportunity. Our new HCMS property manager is Monica Stewart.

She recently joined the Associa Houston team in September 2015.  Bringing over 15 years of experience in the housing and real estate industry, she has mastered the art of organization, time management and customer service.   Her goal: “…to provide the best living experience possible!” It’s that simple.

Monica holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell College in Psychology and Ethnic Studies.  In her spare time, she and her wonderfully supportive husband, Matt, rescue dogs and help find them forever homes.  She currently has 9 dogs of her own and 5 foster pups! 

Quarterly Board meeting Monday, Oct 26

Posted Oct 19, 2015

The meeting notice and draft agenda for Monday's quarterly meeting of the WLR HOA Board is posted on our documents page. Main topics will be the 2016 budget, setting 2016 dues, and the outcome of the recent community-wide vote on gate improvements.

No Majority in Gates and Guards Vote

Posted Sep 24, 2015

Voting on the “Gates and Guards” ballot ended on Sep 23rd without a majority for any offered option.  The Board wishes to thank the 250 households who voted for taking an active interest in the future of our neighborhood.

Posted Sep 24, 2015

Voting on the “Gates and Guards” ballot ended on Sep 23rd without a majority for any offered option.  The Board wishes to thank the 250 households who voted for taking an active interest in the future of our neighborhood.

The tabulation was:

131      for Option #1 (24/7 Guard)
10        for Option #2 (14/7 Guard)
141      Total Guard votes (sum of Options 1 and 2 above)
68        for Option #3 (Enhanced infrastructure only)
41        “No” Votes

We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the members of the Gate Committee, who put in long hours over many months.  The information they gathered will still be very useful as the Board considers forward planning for our neighborhood entrance and also for 2016 budget planning, which will be on the agenda at our Oct 26th quarterly meeting.

If you haven't VOTED yet, NOW is the time!

Posted Sep 21, 2015

Time is running out to vote on the Gates & Guards ballot. To be counted, ballots must be RECEIVED at Houston Community Management Services offices at 17049 El Camino Real, Houston by 5:00PM this Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015.

We recommend at this late time that you do NOT put your ballot in the US Mail because the ballots must be physically at HCMS by the due date and time in order to be counted. Late ballots cannot be accepted.

You may use the instructions on the bottom of the ballot to fax or scan-and-email to Casey, our property manager at HCMS. You may also drop them off in person, or if you wish, you may give them to a trusted person to drop them off for you.

As always, if you have questions or problems, please email contact@wlrhome.com. This email goes to Casey and the WLR Board members. We will help you make sure your vote gets counted on this important issue.

Gate Diagrams Available / Next Q&A on Sunday at 5:00pm

Posted Sep 17, 2015

We had excellent attendance at the Q&A this evening. If you missed it, not to worry as we will be having another at 5:00pm Sunday, Sep 20th. Same location: community pool. Conceptual diagrams shown at this evening's meeting are available for review:

2015-09 WLR Entry sat photo annotated (jpg, 3.2 MB)

2015-09 WLR Gate concepts (jpg, 3.1 MB)

Q&A on Gates & Guards today, Sep 17 at 6:30pm, pool

Posted Sep 17, 2015

The first of two Q&A meetings will be held at the community pool today, Thursday, Sep 17 at 6:30pm.  We understand that this is a hotly debated issue with opinions running “all over the map.”  Regardless of your choice on the ballot, please do take the time to consider the issue and vote. 

Those who choose an option, including Option 4 that maintains the status quo, are contributing to the decision-making process.  If you do not vote, your opinion won’t be counted!

The Gate Committee continues to do yeoman’s work.  They have graphed WLR traffic information based on the data collected recently by short-term gate guards.


Several WLR neighbors have asked for diagrams to help understand the gate and guard options that are up for vote.  The Gate Committee is working on that as well; they anticipate having them completed in time for the first Q&A meeting at 6:30pm today at the community pool.  As soon as they are available, we will post them here as well.

A table of infrastructure detail intended to accompany the drawings is ready, so we’re getting that out to you now. The functionalities of Option 2 are similar to those of Option 3 because the gates will not be staffed for 10 hours during the night. Footnotes follow the table to add additional detail.  


Option 1
(full-time guard)

Option 2
(part-time guard)

Option 3
(Infrastructure only / no guard)

Lighter weight gates
(4, entrance & exit)


Fast acting hydraulic actuators /  drivers (4)


Divided lanes (resident / non-resident)


RDIF readers / toll tag readers (2 for redundancy)


Control arms (a)

  • (1)
  • (3)
  • (3)

Anti-tailgating loops (b)

  • (resident side only)

Guard House (c)



Movement of Entry Keyboard (d)



Pedestrian gate (e)



Concrete work roadway (f)


More extensive

More extensive


  • A control arm for Option 1 is only needed on the on the non-resident side triggered by the guard.  Options 2 & 3 require 2 more control arms to restrict initial access in the resident lane and close off the return lane.
  • Anti-tailgating is only needed on the resident side only when a guard is present 24/7 ,but in both lanes (resident & non-resident) when there is not a guard present.
  • Guard house must meet OSHA requirements (e.g. toilet (thus septic system), AC/heat, kitchen area, etc.).
  • The Entry Keyboard (Access Board) is still needed as the control mechanism for entry and when a guard is not present (even in 24/7 case)
  • Access for pedestrians (resident bicyclists, etc.) when guard is not present
  • The current roadway “dip-in” to get to the Access Board (location of a guard house) needs to be removed in all options.  More extensive concrete work is need in Options 2 & 3 to create a turnaround / exit lane for non-residents lane sized for large trucks.

The above article is available for download in PDF format.

Check your USPS mail, and VOTE!

Posted Sep 5, 2015

HCMS has confirmed to us that ballots were mailed at the beginning of the week, meaning they should be starting to arrive in mailboxes around WLR.

Your vote matters.  This is an important decision that will affect the feel and nature of our community for years to come. The outcome will determine the kind of infrastructure we all will share at the entrance and exits to WLR, and the amount we pay in HOA dues. 

It is extremely important that each homeowner votes by returning the ballot to HCMS. We must have a majority of homeowners agree on one option so we can move forward with one of the choices on the ballot. We must receive a minimum of 156 votes for the same ballot item to achieve a majority. So, we ask all 310 homeowners to vote using the mailed ballot.  We can’t know the preference of the majority if many homeowners fail to vote!

In January, the Board appointed a gate committee to help determine the solutions & costs listed on the ballot.  The committee was working toward these solutions when the first armed burglary in the neighborhood occurred in late July.  The crime generated an intense interest by many in the community to move forward and finalize this project.  Of many possibilities, these are the choices the Gate Committee and Board settled on for vote:

Option #1 – Guard 24/7.  This choice allows for a guard out front at all times.  In this scenario, we will not need to spend as much on infrastructure as listed in Option #2 and Option #3 for vehicle lanes, because the guard will be there to allow entry to non-residents, but will require a guard house.

  • Increase annual dues on each lot by $53.33 per month ($640 per year).
  • The infrastructure cost is expected to be $215,000 and the cost of the guard through the remainder of the year is $44,000.  These amounts will be paid out of Reserves and the dues amount above has been increased to repay these amounts over the next 10 years.
  • In selecting Option1 you are also voting for Option 2 should Option 1 not have enough votes to pass.             

Option  #2 – Guard 14/7.      This choice allows for a guard from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm – the current time our gates are open and when most traffic comes in and out of the neighborhood.  To allow for entry after 8:00 pm when the guard leaves, we will need to spend more than Option #1 for the full infrastructure (same as Option #3), plus the guard house.  After 8:00 pm, all non-residents including workers will be required to call the homeowner from the key pad for entry.  Arrangements will be made for school buses, trash pickup, UPS, FedEx, etc. and emergency vehicles to gain access.

  • Increase annual dues on each lot by $34.58 per month ($415 per year).
  • The infrastructure cost is expected to be $260,000 and the cost of the guard through the remainder of the year is $26,000.  These amounts will be paid out of Reserves and the dues amount above has been increased to repay these amounts over the next 10 years.

 Option #3 – Infrastructure, no Guard.  This option will include an upgrade to the existing gate system.  Improvements will be made to the gates for faster operation, two lanes for homeowners and non-homeowners with quick control arms and gate operation triggered by toll tags or RFID stickers on the car windshield which will open the gates.  The ability to trigger the fast arms and gates will be given only to homeowners and should minimize current tailgating.  All non-residents including workers will be required to call the homeowner from the key pad for entry.  Arrangements will be made for school buses, trash pickup, UPS, FedEx, etc. and emergency vehicles to gain access.

  • Increase annual dues on each lot by $5.00 per month ($60 per year).
  • The current expectation is that this will cost $190,000.  These amounts will be paid out of Reserves and the dues amount above has been increased to repay these amounts over the next 10 years.

Option #4 – No infrastructure upgrades and no guard.  The current gates with some equipment changes and needed maintenance will give us the option for 24 hour service.  All non-residents including workers will be required to call the homeowner from the key pad for entry.  Arrangements will be made for school buses, trash pickup, UPS, FedEx, etc. and emergency vehicles to gain access.

  • Improvements to the infrastructure at the entrance will be made so that the front gates can operate 24 hours per day. The exact amount is not yet known and any impacts will be handled through the normal dues evaluation process.

For even more information, a fairly detailed Q&A is here.

The ballots need to be completed and returned (in the possession of HCMS) by 5:00 PM CDT on September 23, 2015. 

Between now and then, we will hold two meetings at the neighborhood pool to answer questions regarding these options.  The first is Thursday evening, September 17th at 6:30 pm and the second is Sunday evening, September 20th at 5 pm.

The Board thanks you in advance for your support in the process of considering upgrades to the front gate access control.

Notice of Public Hearings: Rezoning and FM 146

Posted Sep 5, 2015

The HOA has received notice on two issues that may be of interest to WLR homeowners: a proposal to rezone land adjoining WLR to RSF 5 and RSF 7, and a TX DoT notice about widening Hwy 146. See the complete info here.

These issues are being discussed on the privately run Facebook Group Whispering Lakes Ranch Updates.

Q&A Document Posted about the Upcoming WLR Vote

Posted Aug 30, 2015

We anticipate that ballots will be going out in the mail in the next couple of days for a community-wide vote on restricted access options for WLR. You can find a detailed Q&A about it here.

This is an important issue that will affect all homeowners. Please do read and discuss! More to follow soon.

Don't forget the WLR Ice Cream Social at 6pm today (Sat, Aug 22)

Posted Aug 22, 2015

See you there!

Latest Gate Vote info

Posted Aug 22, 2015

Neighbors, as you’ll see from recent personal commentary on the WLR Update Facebook Group by Jeff Farmer, who has been vocal about wanting an immediate vote, the WLR Board of Directors is not presently of unanimous opinion about the process leading to a community vote.

The majority of the Board favors a more measured, step-wise approach. We want to get the fruits of the Gate Committee’s hard labors out to the community and give homeowners time to review and comment. Then, in a couple weeks, the voting period can begin.

The Gate Committee has just completed its next round of information and analysis. They and Board of Directors will be having an administrative session tomorrow (Sunday, Aug 23) evening to review everything. We will be posting updated, more detailed information on the community’s wlrhome.com website as soon as we can.

Please note that while the private WLR Updates Facebook Group is an excellent forum for discussion, it is privately run and has NO official connection to the HOA or our property management company. When the Board has new information to share, it will be here on the wlrhome.com web site. Similarly, homeowners with questions or constructive comments can email the Board from the Contacts page of this web site.

WLR windshield decals at Pool this evening

Posted Aug 17, 2015

As you drive past the community pool this evening, Aug 17, 2015, between 5:00pm and 7:30pm, please do stop by and pick up windshield decals for your vehicles. There will be other opportunities, but there's no better day than today!

WLR windshield decals being distributed

Posted Aug 16, 2015

Starting Sunday, Aug 16, representatives of your HOA will be going door to door to distribute custom WLR windshield decals for homeowners.  Why?  Read on…

Given the rapid development of the area around WLR, it is not a surprise that we are seeing an increase in vandalism of community property and unwelcome door-to-door peddlers.  On the morning of July 29th, one of our neighbors experienced our first (and hopefully last) armed robbery.

You may remember at the January Quarterly Homeowner’s meeting that an ad hoc committee was proposed to do research and put forth recommendations to the community for enhanced restricted gate access.   The committee was formed and put forth a scope of the project at the Annual Homeowner’s meeting in April, with recommendations expected in August.

During the last few months, the committee has been diligently working on their plan to update the gate infrastructure and recommendations for a possible guard. That plan provides both immediate steps and longer term options for the community to decide upon.

The immediate action is to re-allocate unused current-year budget dollars to place a guard at the front gate on a trial basis.  Starting at 1:00PM on Wed, Aug 19th, for a minimum of 30 days, the guard will not only provide access control, but accumulate data on total number of cars entering the neighborhood, number of non-residents entering, and peak traffic times. Tailgating by non-residents to gain access to the neighborhood will be discouraged. 

Each homeowner will be given a decal to be placed on the left inside of their cars’ windshields (just above the registration decal).  This decal will identify the car as a homeowner and the car will be waved into the neighborhood.  Only current residents of Whispering Lakes Ranch will be issued these WLR decals.  If we don’t reach you at your home by Wednesday, Aug 19th, you can contact our property management company at 832-864-1200 to obtain your decals.

The recommendation of the committee is to achieve the following over the next few months:

  1. Monitor the front entrance activity for 1-3 months with a guard parked at the front gate to determine scope of final restricted access policies.
  2. Upgrade the existing gate with a more robust faster gate opening/closing mechanism and a new lighter gate to achieve faster 2 feet per second speed.
  3. Upgrade the existing front gate infrastructure with fast arms that close after a car heads to the gate to decrease the likelihood of cars sneaking in behind a homeowner (tailgating).
  4. Reconstruct curbing to create two lanes into the gate area.  One lane will be a fast lane for homeowners and one lane will be an ID check lane for non-residents.  This will allow homeowners to pass through quickly using their current toll tag (or a new radio tag will be issued for a small cost if the car does not have a toll tag), replacing the current clickers.
  5. Reconstruct current curbs providing a new wider turnaround area for non-residents who may be denied WLR access.
  6. Once the new gates, fast arms and double lanes have been installed, a recommendation will be made whether to engage outside manned support for community approval:  e.g. place a guard out at the entrance in a guard house (yet to be determined) and/or to hire a guard to patrol the neighborhood.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we make the initial changes in restricting access.  A portion of funding for improved gate infrastructure will require an affirmative vote of the 50+ % of the WLR residents for a one-time dues assessment. In addition, the increase in HOA dues starting in 2016 needed to support a gate guard and/or patrol the neighborhood would also require WLR affirmative vote (50+ %).  We anticipate calling for the vote later in this month, August.  Please be on watch for community meetings that will take place over the next 2-3 weeks, and be involved!

Armed Robbery and Car Theft this AM

Posted Jul 29, 2015

A serious crime occurred in our neighborhood this morning. Details at League City's News Flash page. Fast work by the League City Police Department (LCPD), including a high speed chase and helicopter support, had a second suspect in custody by mid-afternoon.

The suspects entered the neighborhood at 6:36 AM and are believed to have driven around "casing" the neighborhood until they broke into an occupied home around 7:30.

LCPD has video from our neighborhood entry/exit system, but are seeking any additional footage that may show the criminals' movements within our neighborhood. If you have a surveillence system that may have recorded street traffic in front of your home this morning, or have any information on this crime, please contact LCPD.

Quarterly Board Meeting Monday, Jul 27

Posted Jul 24, 2015

The agenda for Monday's Annual Meeting of the Homeowners is posted on our documents page. This meeting will be primarily informational, in preparation for proposals later this summer to improve our community gate and to update our dedicatory documents.

Agenda Posted; Election for two Board positions

Posted Apr 23, 2015

The agenda for Monday's Annual Meeting of the Homeowners is posted on our documents page. The meeting will include an election for two board of director positions. Incumbent Frank Prisco has chosen not to run. Declared candidates as of this writing are, in alphabetical order:

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting. We hope to see you there but if you cannot attend, please ensure that your proxy form (mailed early in April) is delivered to HCMS by the time of the meeting.

Annual Meeting of Homeowners Apr 27

Posted Apr 17, 2015

The next WLR Annual Meeting of the Homeowners will be held at 7:00PM on Monday, April 27, 2015 at Houston Community Management Center, 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston, TX. 

The terms of two positions on the Board of Directors, one held by Frank Prisco and the other by Pete Bauer, expire this year.  An election will be held at the annual meeting.  We certainly encourage all homeowners to attend the meeting and vote in person, but you may also submit a vote by proxy using the form that was included in the mailed notice you should have received in the first week of April.

Although nominations for candidates can be taken from the floor during the meeting, our new HCMS Property Manager, Casey Davis, can place your name on the ballot if you notify her at least three business days prior to the meeting.  We will be happy to post a one or two paragraph statement to this web page if a candidate wishes to send it to our contact@wlrhome.com email address.

New Property Manager

Posted Apr 17, 2015

Casey Davis

Our previous property manager, Dana, recently accepted another opportunity with HCMS (bad for us, good for her!).  Along with congratulations and best wishes to Dana, we welcome a new face to our team, Casey Davis.  When you send an email to contact@wlrhome.com, it will be auto-forwarded to Casey and all five board members.


Ballots on Fence issue due Mon, Jan 26

Posted Jan 22, 2015

All homeowners should have received a ballot mailed at the beginning of January regarding a specific but important proposal to amend our Deed Restrictions (DRs). These ballots must be RECEIVED by our management company, HCMS, by the end of the business day on Monday, Jan 26, 2015.

Although the HOA Board is targeting the spring quarter to propose a more complete update to the DRs, the issue of allowing or not allowing cedar fencing on lake lots was brought to the attention of the Board and we felt it required a community vote sooner.

At issue is whether or not to change our DRs remove reference to cedar fencing on lake lots.

Several homeowner have expressed to the Board concern that the amendment specifies "wrought iron." We wish to assure everyone that the only intent of the amendment is allow homeowners to collectively decide on "cedar vs no cedar on lake lots."

As has been the case from the beginnings of the neighborhood, commercial grade aluminum and steel fences of the style and height of existing metal ("wrought iron") fences will continue to be approved. These materials are actually preferred as they tend to look better longer.

We will be sure to expand upon and clarify the wording about metal fences in the upcoming general update of the DRs we hope to bring to the neighborhood before the spring Annual Meeting.

If you have not yet returned you ballot, please make sure it get to: Houston Community Management Services at 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX by the close of business on Monday, Jan 26th. A vote tally will be announced at the quarterly meeting that evening.

Quarterly Board Meeting on Mon, Jan 26

Posted Jan 22, 2015

The next meeting of the WLR Board will be held at 7:00pm on Monday, Jan 26, 2015 at the usual location: Houston Community Management Services main conference room at 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

A friendly reminder that if you haven't paid your 2015 HOA dues, now is the time!

Gate Remote still not working? We can help!

Posted Dec 13, 2014

A few neighbors report that their new remote control transmitters for the community front gate still aren't working. The most likely reason is an error when inputting the transmitter's code into the software that controls the gate.

Please either call HCMS during business hours with the 5-digit TR# from the label of the transmitter, or e-mail it to us at contact@wlrhome.com and we will forward it to the contractor to re-input.

Should a recently purchased transmitter actually be defective, HCMS will exchange it free (you do need to turn in the defective device).

Santa at WLR on Sat, Dec 13th at 10am!

Posted Dec 8, 2014

Santa will make his way through the neighborhood with candy for the kids and will end up at the community pool house for cookies, hot chocolate and photos. Be sure to step outside around 10:00 A.M. to watch the parade. Better yet, if you have a golf cart, put a wreath on it, buckle up the kiddos, and ride behind Santa in the parade. Parade line-up will begin at 9:45am at the pool house.

We need your help to have a great turnout...the more the merrier!

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

--Bake cookies, supply cocoa packets, and bags of candy.
--Decorate and ride your golf cart behind Santa, throwing candy to the children. Wear your Santa hat!
--Bake treats and provide non-perishable small items for gift basket for Fire Department volunteers.
--Serve refreshments.

If you can help, please email contact@wlrhome.com!

Santa's Two Lap Route around WLR:

1. Start at the corner of Whispering Lakes Ranch Drive and Lake Landing. Turn left on Lake Landing, turn left on Summer Manor, following through Portglen and back to Lake Landing; left on Lake Landing, right on Bending Stream, left on Lake Star, right on Lake Landing. Left on Hannahs Way, through Noah and Frederick, then left on Lake Landing. Left on Sunset Terrace, right on Whispering Lakes Ranch Drive.

2. From Whispering Lakes Ranch Drive, turn left on Lake Landing, all the way around Lake Landing, turn right on Pebble Brook, turn right on Lake Landing back to the Pool House.

Come and visit with your neighbors!

Gates resume normal operation tonight

Posted Nov 24, 2014

The community gates will be set to close this evening, Monday, Nov 24.

We have been assured the issue that caused the gates to not respond to a batch of the new transmitters last weekend has been resolved. A spot check of transmitters went without problems.

OLD transmitters will not work and must be replaced. If your NEW transmitter doesn't open the gate, please temporarily use the keypad call box outside the entrance gate, then contact HCMS on the next business day at 832-864-1200.

HCMS has more gate transmitters

Posted Nov 20, 2014

Procrastinate no more! If you have not yet purchased NEW front gate transmitters, contact Houston Community Management Service ASAP during business hours to get yours. The phone number is 832-864-1200.

A computer error caused the system to not recognize signals from some of the new transmitters, so we have temporary de-activated the gates. The transmitters you bought are fine. As soon as we can spot-check that the system recognizes all batches of transmitters properly, the gates will go back in operation. This will be in just the next few days.

If you do not have NEW transmitters to open the gate, you will need to use the call box.

Old remote controls no longer work

Posted Nov 15, 2014

The gate system is being reactivated today using ONLY new remote controls as described in earlier postings. These DoorKing 8066 remote controls have "DKS" embossed on them and are of a shouldered rectangular shape. Any remote older than about a year or of any other shape will not work. The gates will be closed during night hours.

If you do not have a new remote control, you will need to use the call box keypad that is outside of the entry gate.

New remote controls for the WLR community entrance gate sold out on Friday afternoon but more are on order and will be available in a few days at HCMS (ph 832-864-1200).

Here are manufacturer instructions for the new remote controls.

Deadline for New Remote Controls fast approaching

Posted Nov 3, 2014

New remote controls for the WLR community entrance gate are available at HCMS (ph 832-864-1200). Check or money order only.

Remote controls will also be available at the community pool from 11:00am to noon on Saturday, Nov 8th.

Old remote controls will not work after Nov 15th!

WLR Fall Festival on Nov 2nd

Posted Oct 22, 2014

Click here to go to signup for WLR Fall Festival

The WLR Fall Festival will be held on Sunday, Nov 2 from 3:30 - 6:30 pm at our community pool. There'll be a bounce house, lots of goodies, golf cart "Trunk or Treat" and much more. You can get more info and even sign up to participate in events by clicking on the picture of the scarecrow (goes to the signupgenius.com web site).

In addition to all the fun, this will also be another opportunity for you to replace your old gate remote control with a new one. No tricks involved...the old remotes will no longer work as of Nov 15th.

Buy Remote Controls at meeting!

Posted Oct 21, 2014

New gate remote controls will be available for purchase immediately prior to the Monday, Oct 27th Quarterly Board Meeting. Bring your checkbook or a money order.

Any WLR gate remote control you've had for more than a year is the OLD system and must be replaced. If you are uncertain, below is a picture showing the NEW and OLD remote controls.

Do you need a new Main Gate remote?

Posted Oct 20, 2014

We added a new receiver board to our gate system a year or so ago, and left the old one "piggybacked" in place, allowing WLR residents to defer buying new remote controls as long as the old system continued to operate.

Unfortunately, the old system has now degraded to the point that it is impractical to keep it running. We will permanently remove the old system on November 15, 2014.

If you only have remote controls for the OLD system, you need to purchase one or more new remote controls for the NEW system by that time. As of Nov 15, the old remotes will NOT work.

We have placed a bulk order of 400 remote controls for the NEW system at a reduced price of $30 per remote. When this order is gone, we expect that further orders will be at the previous price of $35. Any homeowners needing new remote controls, please contact HCMS as soon as possible. HCMS is not set up to take credit cards or cash; you must pay by check or money order.

The phone number for HCMS is 832-864-1200 and the address is 17049 El Camino Real, Houston.

Quarterly HOA Board Meeting on Oct 27

Posted Oct 20, 2014

The next meeting of the WLR Board will be held at 7:00pm on Monday, October 27, 2014 at the usual location: Houston Community Management Services main conference room at 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

We will be considering the 2015 budget and setting the HOA annual dues for the year. With a few fairly minor tweaks, the proposed budget is very similar to this year's budget, and is baselined with no change from the current HOA dues of $1456 yearly. Agenda will be posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.


Posted August 15, 2014

Our annual WLR Ice Cream Social will be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 16. Your Social Committee will be serving up lots of ice cream and lemonade to cool down a hot summer evening at our community pool.

You are invited to bring your own folding or lawn chair to relax in while chatting with your neighbors, as well as any other beverages or treats you'd like to bring along.

See you there!


Posted July 24, 2014

After almost six years of continuous operation, the forum portion of this web site is being decommissioned. It was started in the wake of Hurricane Ike to improve communication between homeowners and was once a busy place. However, times change and these days, even though about half the households in WLR are signed up for the forum, we have fewer than one member visit every other day; it is no longer an effective tool for homeowners to communicate with each other.

One function the forum software allowed was for homeowners to keep an email address in their profile and therefore receive occasional email notices from the HOA, such as upcoming board meetings. Since this resource will no longer be available, we will be contacting all homeowners directly in the near future to provide contact email and phone numbers.

The rest of the web site will continue. In fact, you will see some enhancements coming soon!


Posted July 24, 2014

A short quarterly meeting of the WLR Board of Directors will be held at 7pm on Monday, July 28, 2014 at the usual location, Houston Community Management Services main conference room at 17049 El Camino Real, Houston. The final version of the agenda for the Annual Meeting will be posted on the documents page at least 72 hours prior. At this point, we are anticipating only routine reports and do not expect to any decisional topics.


Posted April 25, 2014

The final version of the agenda for the Annual Meeting is posted on the documents page.


Posted April 16, 2014

Our Annual Meeting of the Homeowners will be on Monday evening, April 28th following a very brief Board meeting to close out an old business item (the defunct Olympia Springs extension proposal).

At the annual meeting, there will be an election to fill one board position for a three year term of office.  Any homeowner who wishes to run for this position should contact or property manager at Houston Community Management Services, Ms Dana Ladd, at 832-864-1200.  A meeting notice and proxy form was mailed to all homeowners on April 14th, so be watching your mailbox.

A draft agenda is posted on the Documents page of the web site.  A final version will be posted at least 72 hours prior.


Posted April 16, 2014

The WLR Spring Fling is set for Saturday, April 19th at 10 AM at the community pool.  Lots of fun to be had:

  • 10 AM: Easter Bunny will be kicking off the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Face Painters
  • Snow Balls: We have the Snow Ball Hunt coming out to our event. Unlimited snow balls for 2 hours!
  • Food: (You’re welcome to share your favorite springtime pot luck delectable brunchables; please coordinate with Heather or Kari)
  • Popcorn
  • Lemonade

As always for our social events, there is much preparation to be done.  If you can help, please contact Heather Monteleone or Kari Cook.  Our social events are growing in size every time because they are a lot of fun and a great way to make the acquaintance of more of your neighbors.  See you there!


Posted April 16, 2014

Although the measure was not on the published agenda for the regular council meeting held on Feb 11th, the League City Council discussed and voted on a measure to grant road powers for the Hidden Lakes development.  (see https://leaguecity.legistar.com/calendar.aspx)

The resolution, as amended by councilmembers Mr. Becker and Mr. Okeeffe, narrows the Olympia Springs easement in Hidden Lakes to 20 feet and allows use only for trails.  The road powers, with amendment, were passed unanimously by the city council, effectively withdrawing the city’s offer to WLR of a bridge over Gum Bayou.  The WLR Board will have this open item on our agenda to formally close it out at this month’s Board meeting.

For the complete package of information on this issue, as provided to the City Council, see this link.


Posted April 16, 2014

The wooden street bridge along East Lake Landing is closed for repair and coating of the traffic surface.  We estimate the closure should be just a week to 10 days.  There is signage to remind you, but please do plan to take an alternate route until the surfacing is complete.


Posted April 16, 2014

At long last, a new camera and recording system for the main gate area is on order to replace the old, failing system that was in place when the HOA was turned over to the homeowners from the developer.

The new system will be an upgradeable, commercial quality system able to reliably record much greater detail, including license plate numbers of all incoming and outgoing traffic.  This system will also feature an outdoor monitor that will allow incoming vehicle operators to see that they are being monitored.  We are considering an option to upgrade the monitor to a larger, higher quality unit that can display notices and messages as well as live video.  On one hand, the option is expensive at an additional $4500, but on the other hand, it would set WLR apart from “average” neighborhoods.

The surveillance system is not the only aging part of WLR that is our radar for repair or replacement.  The front gates themselves and the wireless remote system that operates them will both require attention.  One option the board is discussing is to replace the current remote system with an RFID (EZ Tag) type of access.

Quarterly Meeting Agenda posted

The finalized meeting agenda for Jan 27, 2014 is on the documents page.

The open session will begin at 7:00pm as always. Note that it is only the closed executive session will be at 6:00pm, instead of after the public session.

Again, the open session that homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend begins at 7:00pm.

WLR Quarterly Board Meeting on Mon, Jan 27

***Note: The date was incorrectly stated previously.***

The next meeting of the WLR Board will be held at 7:00pm on Monday, January 27, 2014 at the usual location: Houston Community Management Services main conference room at 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

We encourage all homeowners to attend meetings. Our default schedule is the fourth Monday in January, April, July, and October, with the April meeting being the annual meeting of homeowners and the other three being open meetings of the Board of Directors.

We normally give notice of meeting by posting here on the WLR web site and sending an email to all homeowners for whom we have an email address.

If we must schedule a quarterly meeting at a different time than the default, or hold a special meeting, we will give a minimum of 72 hours notice. For meetings in which all homeowners may be voting, such as the April annual meeting (that's when expiring board terms are filled -- there will be one expiring term in April 2014), we will give notice at least 10 days prior.

See you at the meetings!

Holiday Social with SANTA on Sat, Dec 14

The League City Fire Department will escort Santa around WLR starting at 10AM on Saturday, December 14th. We hear that for the third year in a row, Santa will be tossing candy to the kids as he makes his rounds of the neighborhood, then plans to join us for cocoa and cookies at the community pool.

Make sure to bring your camera to get a picture with Santa in front of a holiday background painted by one of our neighbors!

We welcome you to decorate your golf cart and parade around behind Santa. We hear that some elves will be checking out the carts and awarding a present to the fanciest one!

Here is a link to the planned route. We hear that Santa hopes to make make two laps of the neighborhood, following both "route 1" in red and "route 2" in green on the map.

Agenda for Oct 28 Board Meeting Finalized

The agenda was finalized without change from the draft.

Draft Agenda for Oct 28 Board Meeting

It'll be a busy meeting!

On the agenda is the 2014 WLR budget, which we are currently drafting. Hand-in-hand with the budget will come a decision about dues. Your board is doing its best to maintain the current amount of $1456.

The League City Planning & Develeopment Department has contacted the WLR Board about connecting Olympia Springs Drive through to South Shore Boulevard when the adjoining section of Hidden Lakes is developed. We will be considering a resolution in support of that development.

Extensive public information about Hidden Lakes planning and development can be found at the League City web site and keywording "Hidden Lakes" in the search box.

We will also be considering a proposal to sell the one remaining lot owned by the HOA on East Lake Landing. A process to sell by competitive bidding is being written and will be presented at the meeting.

Oct 8, 2013 Daylight Burglary in WLR

A home on Auburn Sky Court was burglarized on Tuesday morning between approximately 7:45 and 11:45 while the owners were at work. In addition to theft of personal property, the interior of the house was trashed.

A person of interest who was wearing dark clothing and on a bicycle was seen in the neighborhood between 9am and noon that morning.

If you have seen anything suspicious recently in or around our neighborhood, please contact the League City Police department. Point of contact is Detective John Griffith at 281-338-4176.

SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, Oct 20 Fall Festival

Yes, that's Sunday, October 20th! We originally planned it for the day prior but that conflicted with the Clear Falls High School Homecoming Football game.

This year we have a lot in store for the WLR Fall Festival based on all of the great feedback from the community. The details of the festival are the following and if you are interested in volunteering or participating please let us know.

There'll be a BBQ cook-off, pot luck, dessert walk, pumpkin carving, as well as games and fun for all ages -- maybe even a bounce house! More details in our downloadable flyer.

Quarterly Board Meeting on Oct 28, 2013

The next board meeting will be at 7pm on Monday, October 28, 2013. The location is the same as always, Houston Community Management main conference room at 17049 El Camino Real, Ste. 100, Houston TX.

Web Site Restructuring

The internal structure of this web site has been modified to make administration a bit easier.

Unfortunately, that means that the location of the web pages on the server is different. If you have bookmarked specific pages, those links will not work anymore, but you can use the menu to navigate to them.