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About the HOA

Your homeowner's association (also referred to as a "property owner association" or POA) is officially titled The Maintenance Association of Whispering Lakes Ranch. It is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide for the management, maintenance, and care of the subdivision as outlined in the Deed Restrictions (often referred to more formally as "restrictve covenants") and Bylaws. You can find these important documents on this page.

The HOA is operated by a board of five volunteers who are elected by the homeowners at the spring Annual Meeting of the Homeowners. Board members serve three-year terms, staggered such that one or two are up for a vote each year. Interim vacancies are filled by appointment.

About the Management Company

The HOA contracts with a property management company to handle many of the administrative and legal tasks involved in day-to-day business. This includes such things as maintaining archives of our HOA documents, handling routine financial transactions like paying contractors and recurring bills, addressing common homeowner concerns and questions, coordinating the review of architectural control change requests, and conducting regular neighborhood inspections.

Our current management company is Houston Community Management Services (HCMS) and our property manager is Sue Edmonds.

Sue is your first point of contact if you have a question or concern about the neighborhood. The phone number is 832-864-1200.


The board meets quarterly, typically on the evening of the fourth Monday of January, April, July, and October, with the spring meeting also being the Annual Meeting of the Homeowners. However, a meeting may be held on a different date as the board may decide so keep watch for updates.

Notice will always be given to the homeowners. Since state law accommodates electronic notification in lieu of posted mail, email and postings to this wlrhome.com web site are now the normal means of notification for meetings and other required all-homeowner notices. We have continued to send out printed notifications by USPS as a courtesy for those who haven't kept their email address on file with HCMS.

Except for those who identify themselves in writing to the board as being without email, we do intend to comletely discontinue printed mailings entirely.

It is important for homeowners to keep their email address up to date with HCMS!

Street Lights

We commonly get asked about a broken street light. Although WLR streets themselves are private, Texas New Mexico Power owns and operates the street lights. If you notice a problem with a street light, simply report it to TNMP.


WLR Board of Directors

NAME Office Term Expires
Steve Glenn President 2019
Roy Hunter Vice President 2020
Jeff Farmer Treasurer 2019
Pete Bauer Secretary 2018
Travis Merrill Director 2018


An email sent to contact@wlrhome.com is forwarded to all board members and our property manager at HCMS.